CaptureBites™ Commander is a tool to send commands to Kofax Express.

With CaptureBites Commander you can develop your own scan front end or integrate scanner and Kofax Express controls in your own software application.

Find more details and a trial download on the CaptureBites Commander product page.

CaptureBites Commander Use Cases

  • Add scan buttons to your business application such as your CRM, ERP or in house developed software for patient administration, manufacturing, warehouse management etc.
    • You can programatically trigger any action in Kofax Express such as sending scan commands, setting the correct job, scan profile, batch name and fill out index fields based on data you retrieved with your software application.
  • Create simple to use scan wizards hand holding users to scan the correct documents with the correct settings. An example of such a wizard is included with the installer.
    • Watch a short movie showing the demo wizard developed with the CaptureBites Commander here.
  • Define Commander shortcuts to set pre-defined VRS Corrections with a single click.