Many systems can only handle a specific PDF file size which cannot exceed a defined maximum. If you have long documents that exceed this file size, the solution is to split the PDF in parts.

Ideally the PDF files are split in the most optimal way to maximize the number of pages per part.  Each part should still fit in the defined maximum file size per part.



  • Generated PDF files need to be emailed and file size should not exceed 10MB
  • PDF Files need to accessed through Citrix and should not exceed 5MB
  • Overall responsiveness of the Document Management decreases if the file size exceeds 15MB

You can define

  • The maximum size of a PDF files and automatically larger PDF files will be split in Parts
  • Number of pages is optimized per part to obtain the maximum possible number of pages per part
  • Precise definition how parts should be named
  • Option to suppress the part name if the whole document fits in the defined maximum size

You can find more information and a trial download on the CaptureBites Folder product page

Also find detailed information on the CaptureBites Folder on-line help page.