Export connectors for Kofax Express pricing model

The price of the export connectors for Kofax Express depends on the Kofax Express license level.

There are 7 possible license levels:

  1. Desktop
  2. Workgroup
  3. Workstation
  4. Low Volume Production
  5. Mid Volume Production
  6. High Volume Production
  7. Super High Volume production.

You can lookup the license level, required for your scanner, here: https://scadmin.kofax.com/KCSearch/

If you make use of a digital copier (MFP) and you import documents in Kofax Express with FolderScan, the license level determines the speed of importing. Desktop imports at 30 ipm, Workgroup at 60 ipm, Low Volume Production at 90 ipm, etc. You can automate the Kofax Express import and export process with AutoBites.

For each Kofax Express station that uses a CaptureBites product you need a license with the correct level for that product.

Export connectors for Kofax Capture pricing model

For Kofax Capture, the price of the export connector depends on the KC Page Count.

These are the available page count levels available for Kofax Capture:

  • Kofax Capture Stand-alone 60K/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 300K/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 600K/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 1M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 2M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 5M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 10M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 20M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 60M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 120M/yr
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 2M Page Count
  • Kofax Capture Image Vol. 10M  Page Count

Other CaptureBites products

Products like the Bar Code Generator which are not linked to any specific Capture Product are sold per PC.


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