Multi Export & Multi Stream

Export a single batch to multiple destinations or export a color stream and black & white stream with a single click.

With the CaptureBites™ Multi-Export connector, you can export a single batch to up to ten different destinations. This is very useful if you want to send scanned documents to a variety of destinations such as a file server, an external drive for backup, to an FTP or SFTP server, to email, etc

For example, per destination, you can precisely define which documents and pages need to be exported and whether the images should be exported in color or black & white.

Multi Stream

Exporting a multi-stream of images in both color and black & white is often required for processing them with OCR, OMR or Bar Code recognition. Those systems require good black & white TIF images.

However the images also need to be stored as color searchable PDF in a document management system for later reference.

Another example: Documents should be emailed as compact black & white PDFs and color PDF files should be stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

Each stream can be output as PDF, PDF/A, searchable and/or super compressed or TIFF.

Per destination you can export:

  • All documents or a specific range of documents. For example specifying 1-3 means document 1 to 3. Or specifying -1 means the last document of each batch.
  • Per document you can export all pages or specific pages based on their page number. For example specifying 1-3 means page 1 to 3 of each document. Or specifying -1 means the last page of each document. For example exporter 2 in below screen shot, exports the first page of each document to the Single page connector in JPG format.
  • Specific pages based on their size or resolution.
  • A color version of some or all pages
  • A black & white version of some or all pages

Document Classification: Use an index field to select the exporter dynamically

You can use a document index field to automatically select the exporter with which a document should be exported. When you hover over the info icon a tool tip explains how it works.

In other words, you can use the multi-export connector for automatic document classification based on a bar code value. Or in combination with MetaTool you can look for keywords on your documents and use those to set the correct exporter per document type.

For example, just stick a bar code label with the number 1 on invoices, 2 on purchase orders, 3 on contracts etc. Using the Kofax Express bar code recognition functionality, you place the bar code value in an index field called “Exporter”.

Then enable the Select exporter(s) from value of index field option and select the index field containing the bar code value. In our example that is the index field named “Exporter”.

Each exporter can be configured individually for each of the document types:

The bar code value will determine with which exporter each of the documents will be processed.

Copy exporter settings…

If you want to copy an exporter, you can simply copy all its settings via the Settings… button and paste it to another exporter. It’s a fast way to generate multiple exporter streams which are only slightly different. For example only the output folder changes and all other settings stay the same.


When you install the Multi-Export connector it comes with 2 demo jobs, called CaptureBites Multi Stream Color & BW and CaptureBites Multi Export.

1. CaptureBites Multi Stream Color & BW Demo Job

Open Kofax Express and open the CaptureBites Multi Stream Color & BW job. It comes with a pre-scanned batch of a variety of business documents.

Export the batch and find the result on your desktop in the folder …\Desktop\CaptureBites after Export\Multi Stream

Color images are output in JPG and black & white images in TIF. Of course you can easily change the output format to PDF for each of the streams and freely define the naming of folders and files.

2. CaptureBites Multi-Export Demo Job

The documents in the demo are related to statistical information about the health of children. Assume that the complete document needs to be stored on a secure file server in PDF/A format and the individual charts need to be saved as separate PDF files for analysis by third parties who, for privacy reasons, are not allowed to see the full file but only the individual charts.

The demo accomplishes this by exporting each document 6 times. Once as a whole document, and 5 destinations for each of the 5 chart types. The demo exports to the CaptureBites after Export folder on your desktop.

This is the way the document looks like in Kofax Express before export:

After exporting the document with the CaptureBites Multi Export connector, you’ll find 6 PDF files in the CaptureBites after Export folder on your desktop like this:

Other examples of multiple export destinations are:

  • Use a bar code label per document type and send each document type to its own exporter using the Select exporter(s) from value of index field option
  • Send compact black & white versions via email and archive in color PDF in SharePoint
  • Send black & white images to an OCR recognition system and color to a document management system like Alfresco.
  • Export to a document management system of choice and export batch statistics to a Database or Excel table
  • Configure an exporter to export the full text of each Document with the Folder connector as a TXT file to enable full text search in DMS systems supporting this feature.
  • Export a batch as a bookmarked PDF with the Folder connector and as individual PDF files
  • Export as searchable super compressed PDF to SharePoint and as PDF-A to a secure file server (SFTP or FTPS) for archival and backup

Combine this product with CaptureBites MetaTool for advanced index extraction and more

Use this product in combination with CaptureBites MetaTool for advanced index extraction, keyword document separation, floating data extraction, multi-field and drill down database lookup and other advanced functionality.

To learn more about MetaTool, press any of the feature buttons below.

The MetaTool presents itself as a standard Kofax Express export connector and passes through extracted data and processed images to an export destination of choice such as EmailFolder StructureFTP ServerDatabaseMS SharePoint Server & OnlineAlfrescoOpenText Content ServerXerox DocuShare, or other DMS systems.

About the download and included demo jobs

The download button on top of this page installs a functional version of this CaptureBites product. It also includes some demo images and a demo job to show the functionality.

In demo mode, a demo seal will be stamped in all exported images. You can switch the demo version to full production mode by entering an activation code which you can purchase from our partners. You can continue using any of the jobs you configured in demo mode after activation of the software.

If you don't have Kofax Express yet, you can download a trial from here.

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