Product overview in alphabetical order


Export to the Alfresco document management system. Map Kofax Express index field mapping with Alfresco content types.


AutoBites automates the import, processing and export of document images with Kofax Express.  Ideal in combination with digital copiers and network scanners.

Bar Code Generator

Generate QR labels or separator sheets. Comes with a range of letter size and A4 label sheet templates. More compact and reliable than code 39 labels.

Booklet Splitter

Scan stapled booklets without cutting and split the resulting images in individual pages.



Export to Box cloud storage including Box metadata


Integrate Kofax Express with an existing software application (LOB application) and create scan wizards.

Create Installer Tool

The Create Installer tool can be used to deploy demonstration installers or production configurations. You can include connectors, jobs, batches, ODBC databases, folderscan images etc.


Export images to a file server and index data to a database through ODBC or via direct MS SQL Server connection. Store the link to the exported images in the database.

Upload document files in BLOB fields.

Digital Imprinter

Digitally imprint scanned documents with index fields, time stamps, watermarks, etc.


Email Exporter

Assign an email address to each scanned document for electronic distribution. Dynamically change body text with index fields and include a thumbnail image of the scanned documents. Include the scanned document as a PDF attachment.

Folded Form Splitter

Scan folded forms and split the resulting long images in individual pages.

Supports very long paper scanning.


Export to a folder structure similar to standard multi-page but with enhanced PDF functionality such as generation of bookmarked PDFs.

Export documents in txt format (using OCR).

Generate custom document and batch index files (XML, CSV, TXT,…)


Export document images and index through a secure connection (supports SFTP, FTPS and standard FTP).

Also includes PDF password protection.

IBM Content Manager On Demand

The CaptureBites IBM CM OnDemand Export Connector is optimized for batch scanning of paper documents with Kofax Capture or Kofax Express and exports both image files (PDF or TIF) and associated index data into IBM CM OnDemand using the IBM’s Generic Indexer.


Run a series of programmatic steps before and after export. Popular use case is to combine it with the database connector to generate index files in Excel format or run a custom made pre or post processing program or batch file.


Versatile tool for Kofax Express to automatically extract index data with zonal OCR or from a full page OCR text block by searching for a format.  Define advanced and fast validation without coding. Multi-field database lookup. Auto-clip pictures from scanned photo IDs. Signature and mark detection. Document separation by means of OCR and keywords. Cleanup and correct images with a high speed Image Editing viewer.


MetaServer can watch folders and email inboxes and, regardless of the input, process the scanned PDF files and electronic PDF email attachments. It dynamically names and organizes them using text extraction and easy to configure rules.

Multi Export

Export documents and index to multiple destinations with a single click.

Convert select streams to black & white.

Conditionally send documents to a specific stream (requires MetaTool).

OpenText Content Server

Export batches of documents, automatically index them with bar codes or OCR and export the documents as TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or super compressed & searchable PDF into OpenText Content Server.


Print reports or scanned documents to a selected windows printer. Reports can contain thumbnail images, bar codes (128 and QR), index data and other information. Used in our Registered Mail Form Fill solution.

Export to SAP R/3

Export Documents directly into SAP.

Support both early and late archiving with barcode scenarios.

SharePoint Server & Online

Export scanned documents and associated metadata and document thumbnails to Office 365 SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server.

Xerox DocuShare

Export scanned document to Xerox DocuShare and map Kofax Express index fields with DocuShare object properties.