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120-140 Extract – Microsoft Azure Computer Vision

With MetaServer’s Microsoft Azure Computer Vision rule, you can extract handwritten and machine-printed information from your imported documents and store it in fields. You can even specify the pages or zones you want to extract information from.


In our example, we will make use of the “CB – …” workflow. This workflow is automatically installed with CaptureBites MetaServer.

Extract Text rules are defined in a MetaServer Extract or Separate Document / Process Page action.

To add this rule, press the Add button and select Extract -> Microsoft Azure Computer Vision.

We want to extract the recipient’s street, postal code, city and the deliverance date from these shipping documents. This information is always found on the top left of the document.

TIP: The thumbnail on the right will follow you, so you can easily refer to the Setup window. Click on the thumbnail to make the image larger.

01 Keys and Endpoint

How to sign up for a key

1) Log in to the Azure portal:

2) Create a resource:

3) In the “AI + Machine Learning” section, create a “Computer Vision” Resource:

NOTE: If you don’t have an Azure account, you can start one for free for 12 months. Just select “Start Free Trial” and follow the instructions.

4) Select the server of your region, give your instance a unique name (this will be used in the endpoint URL) and the pricing tier.

You can choose between 2 pricing tiers:

  • Free (5000 pages/month)
    • Only the first 2 pages of each document are processed
    • Image file size must be less than 4 MB
  • Paid (> 5000 pages/month. 1$ per 1000 pages)
    • Up to 2000 pages are processed per document
    • Image file size must be less than 50 MB

5) Press “Review + create” to check your Resource details. If they are correct, press the “Create” button.

6) You can find your resource’s Keys and Endpoint in your Azure Dashboard. The example below shows a resource called “MetaServer”.