Kofax Express Tutorial

Download the Kofax Express tutorial including workshops for free

Kofax Express is a very powerful and feature rich Batch Scanning software. It comes with an extensive help, but there is no step by step tutorial to learn the software’s capabilities.

This is now addressed with the free tutorial that you can download from this page.

The Kofax Express tutorial that we have put together walks you through its functionalities step by step and starts with the basics first. Then in later chapters, you get introduced to the more advanced features. The tutorial includes workshops using the FolderScan feature of Kofax Express.

FolderScan allows to scan from disk and thus you won’t even require a scanner to go through the workshops.

The training can serve as a reference to look up how to do certain things. Like defining a database look-up, configuring index fields and bar code recognition, working with VRS during scanning and after scanning etc. If you are new to Kofax Express, you ideally walk through the workshops one by one.

In less than 4 hours you should be able to finish them. After going through the workshops, Kofax Express will have no more secrets for you. To do the workshops, you’ll need to install the demo version of Kofax Express which you can download here.

If you want an even faster way to get familar with Kofax Express, consider watching the 6 tutorial videos here.

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The Kofax Express training consists of following chapters:


  • User Interface Elements
  • Scan and VRS Settings
  • Document Separation
  • Index and Bar Code Setup
  • Export
  • Test and Deploy
  • Database Lookup
  • Super Compression
  • Export to SharePoint
  • Tips and Tricks

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