MetaServer Tutorial

Download the MetaServer tutorial including download link and workshops

The MetaServer tutorial walks you through the functionality step by step and starts with the basics first. As you progress, you get introduced to the more advanced features and useful tips & tricks. The tutorial includes workshops about making a MetaServer Workflow from scratch, testing a Workflow, using Validation and Organizer etc. A complete table of contents is included at the end of this page.

The tutorial includes a table of contents hyperlinking to specific features. In that way, it can also serve as a reference to look up how to configure things like defining a database look-up, configuring document separation and field validation, etc. If you are new to MetaServer, we recommend you walk through the workshops from start to finish.

This tutorial can be completed in less than 4 hours. After going through the workshops, MetaServer will have no more secrets for you. Instructions on how to install and activate MetaServer are included in the tutorial.

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The MetaServer training consists of the following chapters:


  • Installing MetaServer
  • Activating MetaServer
  • User Interface Elements
  • Introduction to Fields
  • Workshop: Making a new workflow
    • Adding fields
    • Export
    • Import Email
    • Import from Folder
    • Separate Document / Process Page
    • Organize
    • Extract
    • Validate
  • Workshop: Testing your workflow
    • Organizer
    • Validation
    • Exported Result