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How to connect multiple clients to a central MetaServer

You can run MetaServer as an unattended service on a central machine to do all the automatic processing and let other users validate and/or organize the documents using the Operator Client on their PC. You can also let a dedicated user run an Administration client on their PC to make changes to the workflows or MetaServer configuration.

Before installing MetaServer and its Clients, please consult the pre-installation check-list and preparation guide.

MetaServer Downloads

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Full installers including sample workflows and images.


01 Adjust the firewall settings on the machine running the MetaServer Service

Below firewall adjustments only need to be applied on the Server not on the computers running the MetaServer Operator or Admin client(s).

1. Go to your control panel -> Windows (Defender) Firewall -> Allow an App or feature through Windows (Defender) Firewall.

The screenshot below already shows the resulting list after allowing the service.

2. Press the Allow another app… button and browse to MetaService.exe. You can normally find it under C:\Program Files (x86)\CaptureBites\Programs\MetaServer.

  1. Next you need to define Inbound Rule for Port 8733. Go back to Windows (Defender) Firewall -> Advanced Settings

4. Select Inbound Rules and press New Rule…

5. Go through the New Inbound Rule Wizard and select the following options:

6. Give the inbound Port Rule a meaningful name and press Finish.

The inbound port rule is now defined and enabled.

02 Connect to the MetaServer Server with the Operator or Admin Clients

Situation 1:

If your MetaServer Operator or Admin Client runs in the same domain as the MetaServer Server, it will automatically search for your MetaServer.

If only one MetaServer is detected, the client will automatically connect to it and remember the connection when you start the client next time.

It there are multiple MetaServers running, a list with all available MetaServers will appear.

Select the MetaServer you want to connect to.  Next time when you start the client, it will remember the last selected MetaServer and automatically connect to it.

If you want to change MetaServer, press the Select Server button in the ribbon.

Situation 2:

If the MetaServer Operator Client runs outside the domain, you can manually enter the connection URL of the MetaServer.

NOTE: The system running the Operator Client needs to be able to communicate with the system running MetaServer (e.g. through VPN). You can test this by browsing to the server’s IP address or friendly name with your File Explorer. For example, “\\CAPBITES-VM” or “\\”. If this is not possible, please contact your IT department to grant you access to that server.

Step 1: Copy the connection URL from the Administration Client running on the server. The URL is accessible by pressing the menu option of the Select Server button.

Step 2: paste it in the Server URL setting on the MetaServer Operator or Admin Clients outside the domain.

On the Operator Client:

On the Admin Client:

Press OK. Your Operator or Admin Client will now be connected to that MetaServer. Next time when you start the client, it will remember the last selected MetaServer and automatically connect to it.