CaptureBites™ Scan Wizard

Anyone can scan with a Scan Wizard. It exposes only functions required for the job. Zero training!

Many business processes, like approving loans, signing up someone for a life insurance or approving a hire, rely on a series of critical supporting documents.  Scanning those documents is key to accelerate the approval process.

The CaptureBites™ Scan Wizard takes the complexity out of scanning those critical documents. So even inexperienced staff can deliver perfect images of all supporting documents.

The example we show in the demo movie is about scanning a range of documents required for the approval of a personal loan application, but the CaptureBites scan wizard can be completely customized to your particular process.


The scan wizard is using the CaptureBites Commander tool. With this tool, you can control Kofax Express from another program.

More details about the Commander tool can be found here.