Create_Installer_Tool_140When you install one of our products, it comes with sample jobs and batches and some FolderScan images. Sometimes it includes an Excel sheet or Access MDB file with a pre-confgured ODBC source for database lookup or export.

We use our own tool to create these installers and many of our partners and customers have asked for such tool.

We created a commercial version of our tool and made it available as an official product.

It’s called the CaptureBites Create Installer tool and will make your life easier to deploy demonstration installers or production configurations.

You can prepare jobs and configurations in your office. Then select the jobs, batches, connectors, images etc., build the installer and upload it to the web, all within the tool. You then share a download link with your customer who can install a complete solution with a single installer. Get on a webinar and walk your customer through the solution.

For download links and detailed information, please visit the product page.

If you want to get a quick intro about what it does and how it works, please watch the video.


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