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How to create QR separator labels

01 QR Separator Labels – Introduction

When scanning batches of documents, automatic document separation boosts the speed of your scan process.

There are many ways to separate documents on the fly, but one of the most efficient methods is by sticking a small QR label on the first page of each page.

QR codes are ideal for this because the detection is fast and reliable. By using QR codes, the labels can also be kept very small so you can always find a place to stick them, even on very busy documents.

We have tried different label stock in both A4 and letter size format to find the smallest label possible with the most reliable separation result. Based on this research we generated PDF templates for A4 label stock and Letter Size paper stock.

At the end of this page, you’ll find a link to the PDF templates and instructions how to print them.

A4 – Herma 4334     7×16 = 112 labels of 2.54cm x 1.69cm

LETTER SIZE – OfficeSmartLabels O-LWS144-1-S     9 x 16 = 112 labels of 0.75″ x 0.5″

02 Printing Instructions

1. Order the correct label stock

For regions using Letter Size paper:

Search for OfficeSmartLabels O-LWS144-1-S in your preferred browser or go to the direct vendor link:
OfficeSmartLabels O-LWS144-1-S

For regions using A4 paper:

Search for Herma 4334 in your preferred browser or go to the direct vendor link:
Herma 4334

2. Download the PDF template

For regions using Letter Size paper:

Download the PDF Template for Letter Size Label Stock

For regions using A4 paper:

Download the PDF Template for A4 Size Label Stock

3. Use Adobe Reader DC or equivalent to print your labels

IMPORTANT: Make sure to set page sizing or scaling in your printer setup to “actual size” or 100%. Avoid settings like fit to margins or fit to paper.

Below are the recommended Adobe Reader DC printer settings. First, make some test prints on plain paper to check your printer settings and understand how to place the labels in the paper tray.

Stick a QR label on the first page of each document. Make sure to leave enough space around the label and don’t obscure any vital information.

3. Separate on QR Code – Setup

The QR codes in the templates all contain the same word: “SEPARATOR”.

Consequently, we want to configure document separation to create a separation point when it detects a QR code with the value “SEPARATOR”

1. Configuring MetaServer

1) Create a field and give it a meaningful name such as “Separator Word”.

2) Add a Separate Document / Process Page action to your workflow.

3) Add and Extract Barcode rule.

4) Change settings as indicated below and keep the defaults for the other settings.

5) Test your separation action by pressing the Preview button.

All pages of your test document will be analyzed and when a QR label is detected, a new document will be generated.

2. Configuring Kofax Express

1) Open the Bar Code Setup tab

2) Select QR Code as the bar code type from the Separation drop down button

3) Enter 9 as the Minimum length (the word SEPARATOR contains exactly 9 characters)

4) Enter “SEPARATOR” as the Format including the quotation marks.

5) To test, scan a document prepared with the QR separator labels

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