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When opening the Client, I get the following error message: “…, unexpected version: [number]” or “Incompatible MetaServer API”

You open the MetaServer Admin Client or Operator Client and you get the following message:

Or you try to select a MetaServer and get the following message:

This problem occurs when the version of your MetaServer Client does not match the version of the MetaServer Server.


Step 1: Check the version of your MetaServer Client and Server by going to the backstage and pressing the About tab.

Both the MetaServer Server and Client need to be the same version. If the current client is an older version, update to the latest version using one of the installers below:

MetaServer Downloads

Installers without sample workflows or images.





Full installers including sample workflows and images.


NOTE: If you want to update the MetaServer Server, make sure you install it on the computer where the service is running. You can check the name of the computer running the MetaServer service under the Licenses tab.