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040-020 MetaTool Edit – Add File

Sometimes you need to add additional pages to scanned documents, like a disclaimer notice. With the Add File rule you can automatically append a file to the first or all documents in a batch.

A file can be a single page or multi-page PDF or TIF file. Supported single page formats are: JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

01 Add File – Add Rule

Add File is defined in the MetaTool Edit tab.

Press the Add button and select Add File.

The Add File window opens.

02 Add File – Setup

In our example we will make use of the CB MetaTool Floating Data job. This job is automatically installed when you install CaptureBites MetaTool.

We want to append a disclaimer notice to each scanned redemption letter.

03 – File name: here you can enter the path to the file you want to append to the scanned document.

Press the Browse button to select the file you want to append. You can also manually enter the file path. Press the Setup button to select different elements to compose your file path.

04 – PDF resolution / Convert PDF images to black & white: here you can specify the resolution of the selected PDF file. We recommend using the default resolution of 300 dpi.

You can also choose whether or not the selected PDF file should be converted to black & white. Black & white PDFs are smaller in file size when compared to gray scale PDF or color PDF. In this example, the selected PDF file contains black & white images, so you enable this option.  If you do not enable this option, black & white images in the selected PDF will be converted to gray scale.

05 – When file does not exist: if the selected file does not exist, you can choose to continue exporting, without attaching anything, or abort the export. Press the drop-down arrow to select your option.
06 – Apply to: here you can select if you want to append the selected file to all the documents in the batch or only to the first document of the batch.
The document before adding the file:
The final result after export using MetaTool Add File:

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