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040-030 MetaTool Edit – Add Folder

Sometimes you need to add additional pages to scanned documents. For example, during the month, you receive supplier invoices which you pay at the end of the month with a check. You want to add all the already scanned invoices to the corresponding check. This is also known as AP-Check processing. With the Add Folder rule you can automatically append files in a folder, containing the invoices, to the scanned check.

Note: The folder may only contain Kofax single-page TIF files at this moment.

In our basic example, you scan your invoices over time and export them to a folder named after the control number on the invoice. When you pay the invoices at the end of the month with a check, you will use the Add Folder rule to append the invoices to the scanned check.

Example of an invoice – Orange indicates the control number, the link with the future check
Example of a check – Orange indicates the control number, the link with the already scanned invoices.
Final Result, a check with matching invoices

01 Add Folder – Add Rule

Add Folder is defined in the MetaTool Edit tab. Press the Add button and select Add Folder.

The Add Folder window opens.
02 – Folder: here you can enter the folder path containing the files you want to append to the scanned document.

Press the Browse button to select the folder you want to use. You can also manually enter the folder path.

Press the Setup button to select different elements to compose your folder path.

03 – When folder does not exist: if the selected folder does not exist, you can choose to continue exporting (without attaching anything) or abort the export. Press the drop-down arrow to select your option.
04 – Apply To: here you can select if you want to append the selected files in the folder to all the documents in the batch or only to the first document of the batch.
05 – Copy file names in: here you can set an index field to hold all the file paths of all the files in the selected folder. Press the drop-down arrow to choose the index value. Leave it blank if you don’t want to use this feature.

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