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Software Upgrade Assurance (SUA)

Support is provided for CaptureBites software that is covered by a valid current Support Agreement (Annual Agreement).

The CaptureBites support services assist you in realizing the full value of your CaptureBites software products. This document describes the services provided.

PDF version of the SUA for offline use


• Updates and Upgrades: All offerings include regularly scheduled Product Releases, which include defect fixes and functional upgrades.

• Online Support Tools:

o Online support tools: Customers are entitled to 24×7 access to CaptureBites online
support tools. CaptureBites Technical Support regularly update these information
resources with the latest validated information on case solutions, frequently asked
questions, and tips and techniques.

o Online support tickets: The creation of support requests.

o Product Updates: Download access to the latest product versions.

• CaptureBites Phone Support: When a Customer cannot resolve an issue using the tools and resources described in the Online Services, that Customer can contact the CaptureBites Technical Support team during the its business hours: 9 – 17h CET (Central European Time). Tel. +32 3354 1630

Contacting CaptureBites Support

In all Cases, CaptureBites requires the Customer contacting Technical Support to be fully trained on the use of the product. In addition, the CaptureBites Technical Support team validates the coverage of all product licenses by a current Support Agreement.

CaptureBites Partners are required to provide First Line support where the Customer chooses to work with the Partner as the primary supplier of the CaptureBites products. The Partner is expected to provide assistance in answering software installation, configuration, or usage questions; initial error information gathering; error isolation and identification; describing a reproducible test and providing standard fixes or workarounds to known problems.

CaptureBites Technical Support provides Second Line support. This includes, but is not limited to, further assistance with the tasks described in the previous paragraph. This may include a workaround or require the Customer to install an update or upgrade to the latest Product Release.
If required, CaptureBites Second Line support includes contacting CaptureBites Development for diagnostic assistance.

CaptureBites recommends to contact Technical Support by initially opening an online support ticket using the online support ticket form:

Operational Commitments

CaptureBites Technical Support prioritizes support requests based on the case severity level set by the Customer and validated by CaptureBites Technical Support. The severity levels and the corresponding response times are defined in below tables:

Severity Level Description
0 The partner is contacted by a Customer and upon initial inquiry, determines that the incident relates to a CaptureBites Product.
1 A Severity 1 incident exists if any CaptureBites Product or major function thereof is (i) inoperative, or (ii) is experiencing terminable/intermittent problems that is having a significant impact on the Customer’s ability to use a CaptureBites Product.
2 A Severity 2 incident exists if functionality of a CaptureBites Product is found to be defective, or contains a problem that renders a CaptureBites Product difficult, but not impossible to use.
3 A Severity 3 incident exists if the Customer experiences a non-critical degradation of performance, or experiences minor problems that need correction in either CaptureBites Product or the relevant CaptureBites product documentation.


Severity Level Workaround Interim Solution Permanent Solution
1 Provided within 48 hours. Provided within 1 working week if no Work Around is possible. Included in next release.
2 Provided within 1 working week. Provided within 1 working month. Included in next release.
3 Next release. Not Applicable When deemed feasible by CaptureBites.


Software Support does not cover: (i) modifications made to the standard Software application by the Customer or third parties, (ii) applications developed by the Customer or third parties, products, services or functionality not provided by CaptureBites, (iii) onsite support services at the physical location of the Error, (iv) systems engineering services, programming and operations procedures of any sort, (v) interconnection or integration of the Programs with products not designated Certified or Supported by CaptureBites, (vi) use of the Programs in a manner for which they were not designed.

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