060-020 MetaServer Separate / Organize – Apply Page Processing

After a Separate Document / Process Page action or Organize action, your split document is treated as a single PDF with bookmarks based on the separation points.

If you import emails, using the Import Email action, and you import the email body together with the attachments, the generated PDF will be bookmarked as such.

You can view your bookmarks / separation points during Validation or in the Organizer. In the Organizer, you can also adjust your bookmarks / separation points.

If you only want to apply the adjustments made to your pages (e.g. rotating, deleting, rearranging pages, etc.), the document needs to first go through an Apply Page Processing action.

If you manually separated your document in the previous Organize or if you set up separate document rules in your Separate Document / Process Page action, the document will be bookmarked.

If you also want to split your document in separate PDFs, your document needs to go through an Apply Separation & Page Processing action instead.

In other words, with the Apply Page Processing Only action, your document’s pages will be adjusted as specified in the Organize or the Separate Document / Process Page action. It will also bookmark your document if you’ve set up separation rules in the Separate Document / Process Page action or manually separated your document in the Organize action.

To add an Apply Page Processing Only action, select the action after which you want to insert the Apply Page Processing action and press Add -> Apply Page Processing Only. The Setup window will automatically open.

The Apply Page Processing Only action does not require any setup. If you open the action, you can add a description.

You can also open an existing Apply Page Processing action by double clicking the action or by pressing the setup button on the right side of the action or in the ribbon, as shown below.
In the above workflow, the document will be bookmarked after the Separate Document / Process Page action and the Organize action. If the Operator deletes, rotates or moves any pages during the Organize action, then these adjustments will also be applied.

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