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220 MetaServer Server

Use the Server tab in the Administration client to view the status of the different MetaServer actions and manage global settings of the MetaServer.

Select Worfklows

Select one or more workflows to filter the server status list. Only the import actions of the selected workflows will be listed.

The icon turns red if not all workflows are selected to clearly indicate that not all import actions will be listed.

Select Server

A system can contain several MetaServers. Select the MetaServer you want to work with.

If the MetaServer is not on the same domain as the client, you can enter the server’s URL manually by pressing the arrow under the icon and by selecting “Select by URL”.

You can find the correct URL by opening this setup window on the server. Click on the image to enlarge.

Pause Server

Pausing MetaServer, pauses all actions.

If an action is in the middle of processing a document, it will first finish the document and only then switch to a paused state.

Only when all actions are colored yellow, the server is fully paused and will not perform any importing, processing or exporting anymore until it is resumed.

Resume Server

After pausing MetaServer, you can resume it with this function.

As soon as all actions are colored green, the server has fully resumed.

Restart Server

In the unusual event that an import action fails and turns red (error state), correct the cause of the error and Restart MetaServer. Other actions can be individually restarted with the Restart Action button.

Advanced Users: If you manually copy workflow files from one server to another, you also need to Restart MetaServer.

Queue Limit

This sets the maximum number of documents queued for processing. Once this number is reached importing of additional documents is paused (import actions will be colored yellow) until documents are exported and make place to import additional ones. We recommend to keep the value at its default of 250.

Only increase the value when you want to extract data from a lot of documents overnight to queue them up for validation during day time.

The maximum allowed number of documents in the queue is limited to 10000.

Network Folders

Being a service, MetaServer runs without a logged user account under a special system account. System accounts do not have access rights to shared folders on the network, only user accounts have such rights.

The Network Folders setup makes it possible to define credentials for shared network folders.

This gives MetaServer access to import and export to these shared network folders or connect to databases located on shared folders through ODBC.

Network Folders continued…

If a network drive is unavailable because the file server is switched off or because the LAN is not connected, MetaServer will retry until the drive is available again.

Import Actions from unavailable network folders will turn orange until they are available again.

By default a warning message is sent if a network drive is unavailable for more than 10 minutes (configurable). 

Pause Import

If you want to process all documents in the MetaServer queue to clear the queue completely, use the Pause Import function.

All pending documents will be processed and exported without importing new ones until the queue is reduced to 0 documents.

Paused import actions are colored yellow.

Resume Import

After you paused import actions (colored yellow), you can resume them with this function.

After you have resumed import actions, they will be colored green.

Refresh Action List (F5)

The action list is automatically refreshed every 10 seconds.

You can force a refresh by pressing the Refresh List button or by pressing the F5 key.

Restart Action

Some actions can turn red (critical error) because of mistakes in the workflow definition. For example a field was deleted but still used in a separation action.

Other reasons for critical errors are issues external to MetaServer. Such as an offline SQL Server, accidental changes to external database tables or XML or CSV files by external programs such as Excel that therefore cannot be updated by MetaServer anymore.

Restart Action continued…

After you have fixed the cause of the error, you can restart the action with the Restart Action button to resume processing of your documents.

The documents that initially triggered the critical error will be moved to the Errors Tab because the document itself can be the cause of the error, like a corrupt PDF file for example. Open the Errors Tab to decide what to do with the error documents.


This opens a list of all documents being processed by MetaServer.

The list shows a total document count per action. The counters show totals across all workflows.

You can refresh the list by pressing the refresh button or the F5 key.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Clients Settings

The clients settings apply to all clients connected to the MetaServer. Enable or disable these functions to hide or expose them on the client stations.

When you change any of the settings, they are automatically applied next time a client is restarted.

The Action List (click on the image to enlarge it)

The action list refreshes every 10 seconds. Press the Refresh List button or press the F5 key to instantly refresh the list. The actions are color coded:

Green = running & healthy
Yellow = paused
Orange = recoverable non-blocking error, e.g. network folder offline
Red = blocking error, a server or action restart is required

Columns Description

Action queue:

Short description of the action type


Waiting for document means that the action is idle. Otherwise it describes what the action is doing. In case of an error, it will display the error message in detail. The document that triggered the error can be viewed and processed using the Errors tab.

Last activity report:

Last time that the data was refreshed for a given action.

Last time applied:

Last time that a document was processed by this action with an indication of the internal GUID of the document.

If you cannot find the cause of a critical error (red), you can contact us through our online support form. Please describe the issue as detailed as possible.

If the cause of the critical error is related to pending documents in the server, you can reset the server by following steps documented here.

The Server Status Bar

Server: The name of the machine MetaServer is running on.

Started on: The date and time MetaServer was started and has run without interruption since then.

Documents: The total number of documents in the MetaServer queue across all workflows. The counter does not get filtered by the Select Workflows function and always shows the total document count for both selected and unselected workflows.

In organizer: Number of documents available (not locked by any user) for Organizing. The counter only shows the count of the selected workflows. See Select Workflows button.

Skipped: Number of documents available (not locked by any user) for Organizing with skipped status. The counter only shows the count of the selected workflows. See Select Workflows button.

In validation: Number of documents available (not locked by any user) for Validation. The counter only shows the count of the selected workflows. See Select Workflows button.

Skipped: Number of documents available (not locked by any user) for Validation with skipped status. The counter only shows the count of the selected workflows. See Select Workflows button.

Errors: Number of documents in error state. These documents triggered a red error.  Errors and the documents that caused them can be viewed and managed in the Errors tab. The counter only shows the count of the selected workflows. See Select Workflows button.